We are

Global Development Centre

Our Holding company is one of the leading SaaS solutions in Marketing / Advertising Technology

About Us

Having a global market, with an outstanding experience since 2011.

We are growth partner of our US and Canada based mother companies, where we work in

technical support

Together we are passionate people who desire to dream and believe to achieve.

Why us?

Because we believe in quality not quantity


We filter the candidates with eagle’s eye view


A lean organization with optimum opportunities

Our Vision

Building a lean workspace where a team works with Flexibility, Mobility and Equality and Technicality

We always aim for the better tomorrow and build a team of enthusiastic, energetic and creative people with their particular domain with maximum of 25 awesome people. Together we work as a common ambition of best returns, industry opinions and visualise the bigger picture without losing the small details. We are dedicated to our work, endured to deliver best satisfactory service to our clients.

We have our hands-on expertise on various platforms:

  • Web Applications

  • Front-End Development

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Science

  • Big Data

  • Cloud Computing

  • Inside Sales

  • Content Marketing

  • DevOps

We believe in Growth

Where it is always a win-win situation for our team and us. Development is a process which leads to growth but all it requires is dedication and hard work including creativity and skillful activities .

Methodology we follow

We work on Agile methodology wherein we propose to manage our task by bifurcating it into various stages and allowing participation from stakeholders for avoiding discontinuous improvement at each stage.

Agile Tools we use
  • Gitlab
  • Trello
  • Rocket Chat
Agile Methodology

Developer Stack

We work on various programming languages to enhance product life-cycle.

MVC Framework
"R" Language

Adopting cutting-edge technology

Cloud Computing

Life at Logicode

We celebrate days with full fun, excitement and thrill. Moreover, Weekend vibes takes initiatives from our workplace only.

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